Award Winning Interactive Agency, Pixo Punch Limited

Pixo Punch Limited screen shot

We aren’t merely deliver digital design. It is just part of our mission. Our core business is thinking; the cutting-edge thinking and turn into digital solution, both physical or virtual, for target audience. Thinking is always a major part of solution generated process. It needs certain of experience people to form a creative hub and develop our best shot of solution. We’re aimed at using our creativity to provide the best-for-business. We only provide one service – Digital Solutions However, we have various skill-set to support our only service.

Pixo Punch Limited Specialties

  • 3D Web Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Strategy
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Website Development


New Business Contacts

Mr. Ben Woo

Language Capabilities

  • English
  • Chinese


To be included in the Award Winning Interactive Agency Database, an agency must have been awarded an award from a major recognized award program.