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283 Matadero Rd
San Juan, PR 920
United States

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Awards Won by Pixelogic

YearAward ProgramAward
2012WebAwards logo
Outstanding Website for Rums of Puerto Rico
2012WebAwards logo
Automobile Standard of Excellence for Scion of Puerto Rico


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Pixelogic specializes in developing effective Digital Marketing strategies that translate into rich, engaging experiences. Through the interaction in these experiences we create long-lasting bonds between the consumer and the brands we service. Because digital itís not just a format, itís an interaction point. At Pixelogic, we focus on the one thing we do best: Digital Marketing. That focus translates into a highly specialized craft. And everybody knows that the art of every craft resides in the skill and knowledge of its artisans. Pixelogic stands alone in terms of the digital expertise (and Guitar Hero prowess) among its team members. Whether your company requires something long-lasting as a Social strategy, web architecture planning or a loyalty program, to something more short-termed like an e-mail marketing, Facebook or online advertising campaign, thereís an expert in our team that has ďveni, vidi, viciĒ that type of task. Itís a simple equation: expertise + solid work = results. Let our experts create the kind of work youíve been looking for. Work that gets down to business and does its job ó just like the rest of us.

Pixelogic Specialties

  • 3D Web Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Strategy
  • Mobile Website Development


New Business Contacts

Juan C Sanchez

Language Capabilities

  • English
  • Spanish


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